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At Remnant we are committed to living out the Gospel as we Gather consistently in worship and fellowship, Grow in faith in our community, and Go on mission to make disciples in South Phoenix.
GATHER. We gather every week to worship and refocus on God’s Word, the Great Commandment and Great Commission through prayer, music, preaching, and communion. We gather to fellowship in our community stirring up love and good works to live out the gospel. We gather to give cheerfully and generously in stewardship, which is only portion of what God has blessed us with to be a blessing to others.
GROW. We grow through intentional relationship, serving and loving one another and being accountable in truth and love. We grow in faith through discipleship as we study the Scriptures and live out the gospel together as followers of Christ. We grow by producing healthy leadership, who is faithful to carry their cross, contend for the faith, and live counter culturally to the world.
GO. We go to our communities as missionaries—full of the Holy Spirit to make disciples who serve our neighbors through outreach, civic engagement, and the cause of social justice. We go to bless others, living, and learning together celebrating unity in diversity. We go to offer faith, hope, and love to a world disenfranchised by the church, yet still searching to be adopted into the family of God.
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